Commissioned by Llew Keltner, M.D. Ph.D. as a gift for the board members of Light Sciences Oncology. 

Inspired by Coast Salish Indian art, Susan created the 10-piece collection by combining authentic tribal design principles with her own vision to bring each wildlife concept to life. Each piece represents a totem—a creature native to the environment inhabited by the Coast Salish Indian tribe—and is entitled to embody the spiritual narrative of each unique animal.

"Using the tribe's principals of design, I watched the pen flow over the paper, and saw the creatures develop in a strong, dynamic manner. It was an honor to work with these images and I felt an acute connection to the tribal artists of the past, whose depiction had such power and profound meaning—in and of themselves."
— Susan Stacy, artist.

The collection can be reproduced in entirety or sold individually. Available now in print, or original pen & ink upon request. 


Commissioned Acrylic on Canvas